I maintain a scholarly and journalistic interest in domestic and online extremism, right-wing movements, and far right media. In 2023, I worked as the researcher on the award-winning podcast series, Long Shadow: Rise of the American Far Right. From 2020-2021, I worked as an analyst and researcher at Media Matters for America, where I monitored extremist activity on fringe platforms, including figures like Alex Jones and Steve Bannon, and more mainstream outlets like Fox News and talk radio. 

Examples of my work can be found below.

Long Shadow: Rise of the American Far Right (2023; Long Lead & Campside Media)

"The Ruby Ridge raid, the Waco siege at the Branch Davidian compound, the Oklahoma City bombing, the January 6 insurrection… all explosive moments in recent U.S. history. But connect the dots between these — and other — seemingly disparate, violent events, and you’ll answer some of the most existential questions facing the U.S. today: How did America get the far right so wrong? What will it take now to get it right?

"Hosted by Pulitzer finalist and investigative reporter Garrett M. Graff, Long Shadow’s second season explores how the modern domestic extremist movement grew from a fatal shootout on a mountain top in Idaho and led to a riot on the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Crackling with rich archival sound and riveting interviews, this seven-episode limited series examines a thread of history that’s vitally relevant to our current political climate." 

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My work on the series included: drafting detailed research memos for each episode, including timelines of key events and figures; participating in production meetings and providing feedback on script drafts; assembling lists of possible guests and experts to interview.

Researcher & Media Analyst (2020-2021)

♦ Identified and tracked right-wing misinformation and disinformation for a variety of quantitative and qualitative reports on extremist groups, right-wing media, and other digital actors for internal and external use

♦ Pitched reports and wrote articles on right-wing media, social media, mainstream media, and domestic extremism; developed a specific expertise in tracking fringe figures and outlets

♦ Worked with a vast database tracking thousands of news segments, figures, and topics for use in quantitative studies

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