Book Research

I am an experienced book researcher, always interested in collaborating on new projects. My work as a researcher includes drafting research memos, archival research, assembling timelines, building bibliographies, sourcing documents, tracking down audio and video, and managing editorial workflow. 

Book projects I have served as the principal researcher on include:  

When The Sea Came Alive by Garrett Graff (June 2024; Avid Reader Press | Simon & Schuster)

"From the New York Times bestselling author of The Only Plane in the Sky and Pulitzer Prize finalist for Watergate comes the most up-to-date and complete account of D-Day—the largest seaborne invasion in history and the moment that secured the Allied victory in World War II.

"D-Day is one of history’s greatest and most unbelievable military and human triumphs. Though the full campaign lasted just over a month, the surprise landing of over 150,000 Allied troops on the morning of June 6, 1944, is understood to be the moment that turned the tide for the Allied forces and ultimately led to the defeat of the Axis powers in World War II. Now, a new book from bestselling author and historian Garrett M. Graff explores the full impact of this world-changing event—from the secret creation of landing plans by top government and military officials and organization of troops, to the moment the boat doors opened to reveal the beach where men fought for their lives and the future of the free world.

"Fascinating, action-packed, and filled with impressive detail, When the Sea Came Alive captures a human drama like no other, and offers a fitting tribute to the men and women of the Greatest Generation." [more here]

Five Bullets by Elliot Williams (Forthcoming; Penguin Press)

A book on the 1984 New York City subway shooting of four young Black men by Bernhard Goetz, the subsequent trial and media coverage, and the history of vigilantism in America more generally.

From Politico: "Elliot Williams is writing a new book examining the case and trial of Bernhard Goetz, who shot four Black men on an NYC subway train in 1984 and sparked national conversations about crime, race and public safety. The case also played a notable role in the early careers of Rudy Giuliani, Al Sharpton, Rupert Murdoch, Wayne LaPierre and more."

UFO by Garrett Graff (2023; Avid Reader Press | Simon & Schuster)

"From Garrett M. Graff, New York Times bestselling author of Raven Rock, The Only Plane in the Sky, and Pulitzer Prize finalist for history Watergate, comes the first comprehensive and eye-opening exploration of our government’s decades-long quest to solve one of humanity’s greatest mysteries: Are we alone in the universe?

"For as long as we have looked to the skies, the question of whether life on earth is the only life to exist has been at the core of the human experience, driving scientific debate and discovery, shaping spiritual belief, and prompting existential thought across borders and generations. It’s one of our culture’s favorite conversations, and yet, the idea of extraterrestrial intelligence has been largely banished to the realm of fantasy and conspiracy. Now, for the first time, the full story of our national obsession with UFOs—and the covert search by scientists, the United States military, and the CIA for proof of alien life—is told by bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize finalist Garrett M. Graff in a deeply reported and researched history.

"It begins in 1947, when two headline-making sightings of strange flying objects prompt the US Air Force’s newly formed Department of Defense to create a series of secret programs to determine how unidentified phenomena may pose a threat to national security. Over the next half-century, as the atomic age gives way to the space race and the Cold War, the mission continues, bringing together an unexpected group of astronomers, military officials, civilian contactees, and true believers who bring us closer, then further, then closer again, to answering one of our most enduring questions: What exactly is out there?" [more here]